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Bull Shark

sunny 88 °F

Ok, you guys aren't going to believe me on this one. Shawn and I decided to stay 2 more days on the island of Koh Tao. We heard there might be sharks on the next early morning dive. We got up at 7:00 a.m. to a site northwest of the island called Chumpon Pinnacle. About 10 minutes after being underwater we saw a bull shark 2 meters long swimming away from the reef. All the divers in our group stopped and stared until we couldn't see it anymore. Our divermaster did a little jig underwater in honor of our sighting. It's hard to laugh underwater. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life.

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Koh Tao

S'really hot

sunny 92 °F

I have a new love. Sorry Shawn. Scuba diving has made it's way into my life. It's exactly like watching the National Geographic's Under the Sea. Shawn and I went on our free fun dive this morning. we saw trigger fish, baracudas, stingrays, angelfish, Dori's and clown fish rubbing around in their anemones. So I take that back, it's like Finding Nemo in real life.

I think I've seen some of the most gorgeous sunsets of my life that no camera could do justice. The island is starting to get a little quiet as Koh Tao moves into their monsoon season. But there's still plenty of bass from the bars on the beaches making it's way into your window at midnight. I'll be sad to leave Koh Tao because the diving and people are so much fun. Can't say there are many nationalities we don't get along with. The Thai, Burmese, Irish, English, Scotish, Dutch, German, Swiss German, Australian, and yes even one frenchman named Fred was pretty cool. Next we're off to Ko Phang-Nga, Krabi, Railay and Ko Phi Phi.
It's inspiring to meet girls travelling alone... ;-)

Happy Birthday Emily!

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No thanks, maybe later


I haven't sweat like this since I ruined a refrigerator full of salmon on a hot summer day with slip and slides and rock bands.

Shawn and I have been in Bangkok for three days. The hardest thing to overcome is the spray boudee ...buh-day and how to get into the grand palace that's "closed for a Buddhist holiday." Nevertheless, we finally made it in. These enormous temples were covered in tiny mirrored mosaic glass and guarded by stern cement statues that keep the bad spirits out.

The hotel staff has warmed up to me after I figured out how to say hello properly. The streets smell like a combination of yummy thai food, garbage, incense and exhaust. Shawn and I are on our way to Pahnom Rung by the end of the day to catch our Solar eclipse. After that, our schedule is up in the air. Stay tuned for more updates as my internet cafe time is about to run out. Kap kun ka.

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