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I haven't sweat like this since I ruined a refrigerator full of salmon on a hot summer day with slip and slides and rock bands.

Shawn and I have been in Bangkok for three days. The hardest thing to overcome is the spray boudee ...buh-day and how to get into the grand palace that's "closed for a Buddhist holiday." Nevertheless, we finally made it in. These enormous temples were covered in tiny mirrored mosaic glass and guarded by stern cement statues that keep the bad spirits out.

The hotel staff has warmed up to me after I figured out how to say hello properly. The streets smell like a combination of yummy thai food, garbage, incense and exhaust. Shawn and I are on our way to Pahnom Rung by the end of the day to catch our Solar eclipse. After that, our schedule is up in the air. Stay tuned for more updates as my internet cafe time is about to run out. Kap kun ka.

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Kicking the tires...

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Bear with us as we try to figure out how this thing works. Ideally what we're after here is a very fun, laid back look at our travels through South East Asia. The goal is to update it as often as is fun, upload a bunch of photos and share some of our adventures. There should be an option on the page to subscribe to the blog so you can be emailed when we update it. Also you should be able to comment to our posts/photos and read others comments. There is a map feature as well that will show you where we are and have been...if I can figure out how to pop it on here. Hopefully it provides a little enjoyment to everyone. Only 4 more days till lift off. Don't forget to bring a towel!


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